Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Charge cover?

The cost is for the callout and Labour of the job.

Is the fee refunded if you cannot repair the appliance?

In the unlikely event that we cannot repair due to lack of available parts from the manufacture or suppliers the appliances will be deemed beyond economical repair
The Call out/Labour fee is non-refundable if the engineer has been to the property.

Do i need to pay extra?

Only if parts are required.

Can i supply my own sourced parts?

No we only fit and guarantee genuine parts we have sourced.

Do you guarantee the repair and parts?

Parts are guaranteed for 30 days. you also have a recall period for the same fault for 30 days. If a new fault appears this will be a separate job T&C apply customer misuse or accidental damage is not covered.

Can you repair in commercial premises?

Yes, if it’s a domestic appliance.

Can you repair Gas appliances?

Not at the moment no.

Do i get the Labour/call out back if i choose not to repair?

No, the call out/Labour fee is non-refundable if the engineer has attended the property. If a repair is cancelled due to lack or expensive parts the labour/call out is still payable.